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Monday, July 28, 2008


Today has been a really good day! God told me about 5 days ago while I was worshiping Him that He was restoring my joy. Don't get me wrong - I have been really happy. But, I am talking about a deep sense of peace and satisfaction. I'm talking about a feeling of security that exceeds anything that makes sense. While He was sharing this with me, I pictured myself walking around my house opening the widows and letting fresh air blow through. I thought about my home becoming a reviving place. My preoccupied mind has been set free from that which consumed it. God is restoring my imagination, creativity, and my appreciation for life. My home is becoming a place of worship towards God and communication with Him. I believe this change in my life has been brought about by a new level I am reaching in my relationship with God.

So far today, Roman and I picked cantaloupes, tomatoes, cabbage, and green beans from my garden. Next, we went to the library to exchange his books. Last, we went to buy my niece Victoria a present for her first birthday while also grabbing Roman a lantern to keep beside his bed at night.

Last night, I started reading “You May all Prophesy” by Steve Thompson. It is truly amazing. If you are looking for a quick easy read that will change your life forever, this is one. You will probably have to find it online. It explains the different types of prophetic gifts, scriptures to back up these ideas, myths, why we desperately need them, and how to hear God and use your gifts. I read half the book last night because I couldn't put it down.

Thank you God for helping me realize that I need you in every aspect of my life

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Desire Spiritual Gifts

1 Corinthians 14:1 Pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.

(The word here for desire is zeloo which means to be zealous for, to burn with desire, to pursue, to desire eagerly or intensely.)

Why are we so afraid? We are afraid of offending others by using our spiritual gifts. We are afraid to think that we are actually seeking the Holy Spirit rather than God Himself. Isn’t the Holy Spirit part of God? In this passage, Paul wasn’t saying that spiritual gifts were optional and that a believer was free to take or reject them as it is commonly believed. They are to be a part of the ordinary and normal Christian experience. We are not to be passive, indifferent, neutral or unbelieving about spiritual gifts. Instead, we are to desire them strongly and are to be open to receiving them from God. Spiritual gifts have been given by God to be used as kingdom tools for accomplishing His purposes. Paul recognizes that all of the gifts of the Spirit are needed if our worship experience is to be as full as God wants it to be. These gifts bring the power of the Holy Spirit into our midst. Jesus said God seeks people to worship Him in Spirit and in truth. This is impossible without His presence, equipment, and power of the Holy Spirit.

I have seen the Holy Spirit move and change lives recently in undeniable ways. I believe wholeheartedly that the Holy Spirit moving in lives is the only way to see true withstanding results. So, I am seeking God and I am seeking spiritual gifts. I want my connection to God to be vibrant, alive, and fulfilling. I want it to be so powerful that everyone around me can see God.

I think we are conceded as humans by thinking we are right and superior? We think we know better than to believe in something that sounds so ridiculous. Prophesy, tongues, healing - How can these types of things be possible? We reason them to death. When we learn to be free and open to God, then we will see that others are searching a REAL God experience. They can go to any church in the country and hear about this God but where is He to be found?