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Saturday, February 28, 2009

24 Days and Counting!

24 Days until this new little one comes.... if he waits that long! This has been a very long pregnancy to say the least. I'm sure I'd have 3 more children if I didn't have to carry them all. Sadly - this may be my last only for that reason. My body does not like to be pregnant, especially my pancreas! But - it is almost over and I already feel as though I have accomplished something big! I'm pretty sure I've been so focused on getting through this pregnancy one day at a time that I have forgotten to consider the reward at the end.

Roman Eli now calls me "SweetiePie." This was what I apparently called him every now and then and didn't realize it. Now, he has adopted it to be used on me, Mommy, all while showing his love and affection for me. Awwwww - can you imagine TWO of these little boys!

Yesterday, I started swelling. I was hoping it wouldn't happen this time like this. And when I say swelling, don't take it lightly. I mean, I wake up that way in the morning and it continues to grow as the day goes:) I have creases all the way to my hips from every piece of thread in my cotton pants. My ankles are the same size as my calves! And lets not even mention my hands all the way up to my shoulders! Yuck...... A week after delivering my first child my husband said "I had forgotten what you really look like. Now you remind me of when we were dating again." Pretty sure I'm approaching the same condition again.

Okay - so now I feel a little relief from the venting! Everything is ready except his name! We are close but not sold. I wish I knew for sure. I wish I was sold 100% on a name but I'm not. Hopefully it will come to us soon.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Big News in Roman's World

1. Roman went to his first dentist appointment last week! He loved every minute of it! There were balloons everywhere, animals hanging from the ceiling, and a TV on the ceiling playing Cars! He left with a huge ribbon on his shirt that said "Cavity Free Club," a balloon tied to each wrist, and a bag of toys he got to pick out from a special drawer. He opened and let the dentist clean, floss, and polish all of his teeth with no complaints! His teeth were all in perfect shape.

2. The biggest news is that Roman has seemed to voluntarily stop sucking his thumb this week! About 5 days ago, I noticed he wasn't sucking his thumb much at all and then for the past few days he has not sucked his thumb AT ALL! Even when he is laying down to go to sleep or snuggle with you on the couch, he just wants to hold your hand or hold one of his stuffed animals! I am VERY thankful for this because the dentist mentioned and measured his overbite caused from the thumb sucking. He said "we will just take care of that later with braces." But, I distinctly remember my overbite as a child and the embarrassment it caused me. I hated pictures because of my teeth. So, after the appointment I started thinking that I would like to start working on stopping the thumb sucking. Well, it looks like we don't have to worry about that at all! In a matter of days it looks like he has decided to break a 2 1/2 year habit. We will see??