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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Jude went to his 2 month appointment yesterday. He weighed 11 pounds! Up 5 pounds from his last visit. He is 21 1/4 inches long. Still quiet a bit smaller than his brother was but behind a few weeks since he was born earlier.

The doctor did confirm that he has a small umbilical hernia as I had suspected. But he relieved my worries but saying that it will most definitely close up on its own by age 1 or 2 not needing surgery because it is so small. When he cries or grunts his little belly button blows up a little and you can feel the hole in the muscle tissue beneath.

He got 3 shots but tolerated them really well. His legs were sore for the rest of the afternoon indicated by a squeal every time his legs were moved. But, he barely cried during the shots and didn't seem to be affected by them otherwise. I remember Roman would always get really fussy for days after shots.

On the way to the appointment I explained to Roman that his brother was going to get shots. In the room waiting for the doctor to come it, he started crying and saying "I want to go home" When I asked him why he said that he did not want baby Jude to get shots. He was so so sweet. He was very worried. Once the nurse came in with the shots he hid in the corner and never said a word. I think he was just relieved it wasn't him getting the shots:)

Things are finally getting back to normal around the Huff house. Jude is just fitting in like he has always been a part of our family:) Last night he slept 6 hours, ate, then slept another 6 hours. That was a much needed miracle and the only time he has ever done that. Ha! Roman was already sleeping 8 hours through the night as this point but baby Jude wants to grow his little fat rolls a little larger than Roman did! I am returning to work tomorrow! Part of me is glad to be getting out and using my nursing skills. But, another part of me will miss our Friday family days we have had since the baby came. Daddy Roman Party Day has returned - only this time as Daddy Roman and Jude Party Day!

So far in Jude's little life, he seems to be much less vocal than Roman. His coos and goos so far are much less frequent. I know I shouldn't always compare them but neither are better than the other- just stating some differences. He doesn't cry near as much but when he does cry it is much louder and with so much intensity. He will just lay flat in the floor and fall asleep which is something Ro never did. But, he loves for us to sing to him. No matter what he is upset about, that will always calm him down. He doesn't really seem to care as much about toys or even looking at them. He likes to just be held and talked to. He would rather watch us talking and moving around the house.

We are very excited that our new youth facility will be opening at the church within a couple of weeks! Pray that with this new facility that God brings a fresh movement through our teenagers and us. It will be very exciting to have our own place for the first time since we moved to Nashville!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Roman Dancing at Centennial Park.

Saturday, we went to the Adventure Science Museum. It was so much fun. Roman loved it! He was a little overwhelmed at first because there was so much to see and do. He had never seen anything like it. Afterward we went to Centennial Park to have lunch and play. That afternoon I started getting sick and have been sick since with the flu. It's terrible. Roman's nose starting running again today as well. Hopefully it is just a runny nose and not what I've had.

Jude has accomplished many things during the 6th week of his little life. He rolled over both ways! Roman didn't do this until much later. He really knows what he wants and makes it happen. Also, he started smiling! He loves to pull up. If he is laying in my lap I let him grab my fingers and he will pull his head and body up to sitting position. If he is awake, he wants to be sitting up so he can see what is going on.

Roman went to an Allergy/Asthma specialist today at Vanderbilt. It took us 4 months to get in just after making the appointment. They tested him for about 20 different things on his back. The entire test lasted about 15 seconds. Everything was negative except for cats. Looks like he inherited that from me. But, all other environmental inhalants such as grass, weeds, etc. all came back negative. This is good news for many reasons. 1st is that he shouldn't have to deal with allergies like David does and 2nd this means that his asthma will more than likely go away around school age. They said 75% toddlers grow out of the asthma especially if it is not caused by the things he is exposed to in the environment. They did not test him for peanuts again since he has already had a positive test for that. They wanted to do blood work to determine the severity but we are just going to wait until he is older for that. All the other nuts he is not allergic to although they still suggested we avoid them because almost all nuts have been cross-contaminated during processing with peanuts.

Roman went to his bedroom tonight by himself. A while later he emerged completely changed into his pjs. He got undressed, found matching set, and got completely dressed on his own! He was so proud! I've also realized that he has this unbelievable ability to memorize things. You can put in a CD we've only heard a couple of times and he will sing all the words. He also really likes things like mazes that he can sit down and figure out. He is doing very advanced mazes on a lap top. He even looks ahead to figure out the ways he can't go because there all walls blocking the path. He is showing me lately that he is much more intelligent than I even realized.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Huff Boys

Jude 5 weeks old. See how he is changing!

Healthy Boys Again

Roman is off to school today! Always so proud when he comes home to tell of everything he did during the day. Each week his new crafts are placed on the refrigerator and he tells of the story over and over of how he made it. He is learning and growing so quickly. My goal was to teach him his colors, shapes, numbers, and letters this year. But, before I even really got started, he already new a lot of them from school and things he has played with on his own. He is feeling much better this week.

Jude is also feeling better. Thank goodness the runny nose didn't turn into anything else for either of them. Last week, Jude's entire face and ears broke out in a scaly rash. I remember Roman's had done the same thing at the same age and the doctor said it was eczema. So, after two days of hydrocortisone cream and Eucerin Lotion, it was almost completely clear. He is also sleeping much better at night. He is just waking up right at 4 hours on the dot to eat then right back to sleep. Yesterday, he looked right into my eyes and reached up to touch my face. It melted my heart. He is getting SO chunky! I can't find the bottom of the creases in his neck. He really doesn't have a neck at all! His tummy is so round and full like a little frog:) And he has chunky rolls under his diaper! So so sweet. He looks stockier than Roman was at this age. Also, when we are out in the sun, his hair completely looks red. Then, we come inside and it is blond again. But, the part in the back that is getting thicker is getting more reddish. But, Roman holds his head next to the baby's and says "Look, the same." Jude likes to stay awake a couple of hours in the morning and a couple in the evenings now. He has already outgrown many of his preemie clothes.

We had a wonderful Easter. Roman woke up and immediately wanted to know if the Easter Bunny came. The Bunny had left the baskets on the front porch. Roman was amazed! He brought the boys each a basket of bathtub things including a bubble maker, water changing color dye, and markers. Of course, he brought candy and each of them a Dr. Suess book.

Thank you Jesus for resurrecting to give us the opportunity of life and to enjoy our beautiful boys.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jude's First Cold

Jude is sick! I guess having a two year old brother with a cold puts you at high risk for getting one yourself. Roman seems a little better but had to have another breathing treatment yesterday. Last night, I sat and watched Jude breath all night. His little nose is completely stuffed up and he is having a hard time getting air to pass through. He kept gagging and it really scared me. I thought he was choking a couple of times. He keeps sneezing and his voice is also raspy so he must have a sore throat. Keep them both in your prayers!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Brotherly Love

Here are a couple of pictures taken this morning. You can tell that Jude is really interacting more today. I played with him and he would get really excited and start cooing. He really focused on a toy duck and you could tell he really wanted to grab it. He moved his arms towards it but couldn't quite reach it. He is also staying awake for longer intervals. He may actually stay awake for a couple of hours at a time now! He is really focusing in on your eyes and responding more to interaction. The more his eyes are open, the more he looks like Roman. I have a feeling they are really going to look a lot alike. Roman has a cold

this week. It's just a runny nose and sore throat. His pulmicort seems to really be helping since his simple colds are no longer turning in to breathing problems. After the baby came, he became really hyper-active. That seems to be slowing down this week. His "No's" are becoming much less frequent. He does look out for his brother. We were outside taking pictures and Jude's feet were in the ivy. He started crying because he was afraid that a spider might get his feet. We also can't leave room without taking Jude with us. Ro does not like to leave him alone! Yesterday, I was cleaning and was in the bedroom. When I came back to the kitchen Roman had gotten a Yoohoo box out of the fridge, put the straw in it and was drinking it. He was also eating a jello cup then he had gotten out, opened and started eating after getting his own spoon from the drawer. He is so big! Sometimes I look at him and wonder when exactly it happened. When did he grow so big? A couple of days ago, Roman grabbed his "self" and said "Oh, my tenders!" Thank you Kung Fu Panda for that quote. Ha Ha. Roman went to a huge Easter Event on Saturday. There was an Easter egg Hunt, blow up bounce houses, face painting and the Easter Bunny even made an appearance. Roman even won a Easter Basket after his name was drawn and he went up front all by himself to get it. We had a great weekend!