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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Proverbs 21 list many attributes considered honorable by God. One that is repeated several times in this chapter is justice. To do righteousness and justice is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice - vs. 3 It is a joy for the just to do justice, but destruction will come to the workers of iniquity - vs. 15 The violence of the wicked will destroy them, because they refuse to do justice - vs. 7

I knew what this term meant in general but began to wonder about a more absolute definition? It seems to be a very important term used in the Bible several times when God is giving us instruction on how be day to day.

According to Dictionary.com Justice means many things. Here is what I found. The quality of being just; conformity to the principles of righteousness and rectitude in all things; strict performance of moral obligations; practical conformity to human or divine law; integrity in the dealings of men with each other; rectitude; equity; uprightness.

Shew.... Seems like a lot to live up to if you ask me. But definitely something we should strive to achieve in our own lives. I believe God wants us to live according to His law by obeying His commandments and instruction. Living a life of transparency. Letting our sin come to the surface so that it can be dealt with and resolved.We should strive to be easy going and pleasing to others. Instead of stirring up trouble we should close our mouths and turn off our thoughts. Many times we find flaws then let those thoughts take havoc on our minds. Eventually we cannot help but to voice our unneeded opinions. We convince ourselves it is important that we "tell them like it is" so they know the truth. Instead God wants us to show love and forgiveness all while withholding your own personal righteousness. There is a time to share our concerns and warn one another in a loving manner. But, many times our actions speak louder than our words.

I also believe we should strive to obey laws made by government. I have a friend who is constantly in defense when it comes to political issues. There will never be a day when he is content with any decisions than have been made in government. He is constantly searching for ways that it disagrees with God's law and is loud in voicing his concerns. I think we should be knowledgeable when it comes to these issues but also be diligent and uplifting in our prayer and speaking of these issues. We can peacefully make a stand without a continuous disgruntlement that consumes us. God calls us to uphold our moral justice while also respecting human law. We have to remember that though things may seem grim, God still is the ultimate ruler. He is able to do what He deems necessary, even when it comes to government.

He also calls us to have integrity when dealing with one another. I believe he calls us to respect one another even through our differences. I can easily find fault in many around me pointing out obvious sin. Many churches have been known to protest against sins that they have decided to single out and make more deadly than others. Not only calling out the sin but also demeaning the individuals carrying the flaw. I hardly think this behavior is showing love or respect to anyone. We should stand firm when it comes to our moral beliefs and live our lives according. We should voice the truth when the time is right in a loving manner. Thank goodness that Jesus sees more than just sin. I am thankful he sees me and loves me and helps me to overcome in areas when I struggle. God calls us to love.

God teach me how to be well rounded and do justice.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Boys are Growing Fast

Jude is 3 months old! Can you believe it! All of the sudden he has just emerged from his shell. FINALLY! He is awake and energetic most of the day now and smiling all the time. He just seems to always be in a good mood. He is so happy and content all the time. He is starting to really coo a lot and form some new sounds. Just as plump as ever. Those big cheeks and little rolls are so sweet! He tries so hard to sit up. He grunts and uses his stomach and arms to try and lift himself but it just wont happen. He totally is watching us eat very closely and I believe he is longing for a bite:) He moves his little mouth just like he is chewing. Just about a month from now and he will be trying his first baby cereal! He sleeping very well. Most nights we get about 7 hours of continuous sleep but last night we got 8!

Roman is almost 3 years old. I am very sad about this. Three seems so big. And he has all of the sudden seemed so mature lately. I can't believe 3 of the years I have with him as a mommy has already passed. He has been dealing with some things emotionally lately as he is figuring out about death, loosing things, bad people, and being alone. I have heard him use that terminology a few times lately. He has had some moments of tears out of no where and he says things like "Mommy, I never want you to get lost because I love you." It is very heart wrenching to watch him as he discovers some of the misfortunes in life. Children should never be exposed to sadness. Last night he cried and cried because a cow in the book we were reading was alone in a barn. Roman is a very intelligent child and thinks about things in great detail.

Garden is growing fast and we have already been harvesting some vegetables from it! Going to experiment with growing cucumbers and cantaloupes on trellises. Should have squash, cucumbers, more lettuce, bell peppers, and tomatoes any day now!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Vegtable, Fruit, & Herb Garden

A few weeks ago I planted my 2nd garden. It is growing very quickly this year thanks to all of the rain! My plants seems to be very healthy except the green beans I had planted. The birds helped themselves to the seed sprouts leaving only stems emerging from the ground. I replanted them this week and added the beautiful aluminum pie tins to my garden to scare the birds away. The sound of the wind blowing the tins and the reflectiveness seems to be keeping all of the predators away.

I plan to blog on the progress of my garden and what I am learning about growing each vegetable, fruit, or herb. Something inside of me is fascinated by planting the garden and watching it grow. I think it is the organic nature of planting a seed in the soil and watching a healthy plant emerge. It connects me with nature and God. It is truly remarkable how God orchestrates such things to happen. For a seed to germinate then arise from its capsule with bright green leaves that need soil, water, and sun - also provided by God - is amazing. I think this hobby helps to keep me centered and thinking about some of the most basic of God's creations. And of course, we enjoy the harvest. We love the fresh vegetables and fruit. Roman goes to the garden and picks cherry tomatoes and pops them in his mouth. I love cooking with the herbs and learning about some of the ancient remedies herbs were used for. Working in my garden, feeling the sunshine and listening to the angered birds chirping at the pie tins, is relaxing and renewing to my spirit. Here is a little more about my garden this year.

Many of you may have heard that I had to start my herb garden all over this year due to a tilling accident :) So far I this year I have started French Lavender, Oregano, Thyme, Lemon Balm, Mint, Sweet Basil, Parsley, Cilantro, and Rosemary. Lemon Balm will always be my favorite. Love the strong aroma and it is also good in tea.

I have tomatoes and cherry tomatoes that are all about this size. I did spot some blooms this week already! They are growing so quickly that they already needed to be supported with stakes.

Broccoli. Last year I planted Broccoli and Cauliflower that never flowered or produced vegetables. Hopefully this year I will have more success. They seems to be growing much quicker.

Lettuce. Much more successful than last year. These will probably be ready to harvest in a few weeks then I will plants more in their places for a second harvest.


Potatoes. My first year for these but they are growing very quickly. I hear you get around 15 potatoes per heal. I planted 7 or 8 heals. Way too many.


Bell Peppers. You can see a bloom already after just a couple of weeks.


Onions. I planted a variety of bulbs. Red, Yellow, and White Onions.

Carrots. I took this picture a few days ago and I promise the carrots are already double in size. They need to be thinned.

Sweet Corn. Last year my corn was pretty pitiful. The stocks grew huge but corn was wimpy. Bought a different variety of seeds this year so hopefully I will have more success.

Cucumbers. These things grew like crazy last year and I had an abundance of cucumbers.


My garden will produce way more than my family can eat. Let me know and when the time comes, I will deliver you some fresh fruits and vegetables.

Life Lesson 101

Ever wonder where sarcasm originated? In Job 38 and 39 God asks Job where he was when He laid he foundations of the Earth or when He put the sea in its place, covered it with clouds, and set boundaries for the very tides of the ocean. He asked Job if he had gone down to the bottom of the ocean or looked into the land of the dead. God wanted to know if Job had ever been to where the snow comes from or where He paved out the path for the thunderbolts. He asked Job if he could string up stars in heaven, along with their various constellations. After all, in the face of God who created the whole universe, any arguments look ridiculous.

Ever feel like challenging God because you are frustrated. We have all been there. Many times, life does not seem to be going in the direction we want it to. Disappointments bring about hopelessness. We loose sight of who God is and what He is able to accomplish. First, we loose our loyalty and desire to be close to Him. We travel miles away from God looking to make it on our own. Who needs Him anyway right? He didn't seem to do the job in the first place. When things go wrong we are quick to say "Why didn't you?" Next, we begin to loose our faithfulness and honor. I'm tired and worn out. Everyone else seems to be happier NOT trusting in God. I need some relief. Out of our desperation and sadness, we rebel against the one who can bring restoration. It's a downward spiral. The lower we get, the more we blame God and loose sight of Him. The further down we go, the harder it is to travel back up. Ungodliness becomes more appealing and the more likely we are to cave.

When you feel this way, read Job or at least chapters 38 and 39. If this doesn't make you feel regretful for your thoughts or actions, you may be further down the spiral than you realized.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Roman's 1st Class Picture

Roman is finishing up his first year in preschool! We are so proud of him. He overcame fears and became his own independent little person for 5 hours once a week:) Here is his first class picture! It is priceless. I still have my first kinder garden picture and remember each of my friends in that class. He can tell me everyone's names and describe their personalities. He comes home telling me about conversations he has had with his friends and what games they played together while at school. He has been blessed with the best of teachers to help him transition into the classroom atmosphere. He has learned so much and is also very proud of himself. I love to watch him learn and grow socially and intellectually.