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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Roman 3 / Jude 4 months

Roman had the best birthday party. Thanks to all the family's help and lots of friends showing up to celebrate, it was awesome! Roman told me a few days later that he wanted to have "another party next time like that." Mickey Mouse was everywhere. Water gun fights, the slip'n'slide, his new swing set, balloons, a four wheeler, dance music, yummy food and cake - you name it we had it going on! He deserved it all. Not only because 3 is such a milestone, but because the birth of his brother a few months prior had brought about a lot of new changes in his life. Literally, since the day he turned 3, he grew up. I've heard this so many times about different ages but right before my eyes I witnessed the biggest changes in his life yet. His thoughts are on a completely different level. No more baby. I think his arms and legs grew a foot over night. That babyish waddle and face seem to have disappeared. He insist on doing everything on his own. Each moment that he request me, I am quicker to respond because I know that those "mommy hold me" times are growing fewer as time goes on. But, another change I've noticed is how he wants me to see each "big boy" thing he does. He glances from the corner of his eye to see if I am watching. You bet I will NOT miss a single one. I am growing more patient and learning to listen more closely as I realize the fortune I have in my care.

Jude has also turned 4 months old! He has came alive. I'm sure he slept the first 3 months of his little life. He is truly a pleasant child. He rarely ever cries. A friend of mine made a comment recently that she had never heard him cry. And seriously, we will go days without a complaint from him. The BEST ever is his smile. You can glance at him with just a smile and he offers a shy little smile in return. I have to say that this little one is attached to mommy big time. He follows my every move. It doesn't matter who else is in the room, he always has his eye on me. He smiles with his whole face while squinting his eyes and tucking his chin to the side like he is embarrassed. He is babbling a lot. He has learned how to blow bubbles! He will started talking and blowing bubbles and this will go on forever. He totally knows he is doing it. He soaks up any attention. He loves for anyone just to sit down and talk to him. He can sit and play with his hands forever and be completed content. His eyes are so big! They just draw you in when you see him. His hair is coming is pretty thick now. It is blond but has an obvious red tone to it. Everyone says it is red but it is more like a strawberry blond - except when David holds him - then it does look more red. He is sleeping 8 - 10 hours at night now! We have tried a few baby foods and rice cereal. He is not interested in any of it! I've tried every day now for a couple of weeks and he just doesn't want anything but milk. He spits just about all of it out of his mouth. The only thing he has liked is banana - not the baby food - the real thing. He went to he doctor this week. He weighed 15.7 pounds, and was 24 inches long.