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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What a Life

Jude is 5 months old. He absolutely loves his brother. It is really nice to have Roman to entertain him when I'm busy. I put Jude in the playroom in his walker with Roman and he is entertained for a long time. He longs to do the things his brother is doing. And he loves when his brother pays attention to him. I find Roman talking to Jude many times a day telling him "Its okay Jude. I'm right here" or "I love you brother." Roman likes to sit beside him in the floor and hold his hand while they watch cartoons together.

Jude is rolling and reaching everywhere. When he sees something he wants, he will do anything to get it. He was so quiet for so long but over the past couple of weeks he has started talking a lot more. We play a game where he grunts and I mock him by grunting. He laughs and laughs. That game can go on for a long time. He cackles out loud EVERY TIME you tickle his neck. His favorite this right now is a sippy cup. A few weeks ago I gave him a cup with some cold water and he LOVED it. He lays in his bouncy seat with it for at least 30 minutes. He will take a few drinks, chew on it, then spit it all out:) I think he likes to chew on it because its cold and feels good on his gums. He is eating solids twice a day now. He has finally decided he likes it! He gets mad if you don't feed him fast enough and grunts at you. You can't take a break in between bites! He is sleeping really well. Going to bed at 8 and waking up around 6 to eat. Of course, we have our night every so often where he likes to wake up every hour. But, for the most part, he is doing great.

I pulled out all of Roman's winter clothes this week. Jude is already fitting in all of Roman's 6-9 month stuff and some of his 12 month! He is such a solid boy which makes for a snugly little one! He has started one of my favorite phases which is playing with his feet.! Awww - I could sit and watch him play with his feet all day. Although, those feet can sure be distracting when he is trying to go to sleep and there they are - right in front of him - so tempting to play with. He is just so calm and sweet. He wakes from a nap by quietly talking and playing. Unless he decides he wants Mommy, then he lets out this painfully loud screaming cry. It is the only time he cries this way. It is very very sweet that he wants ME so much but a little frustrating when I can't leave him with anyone during church, for example, because they bring him to me thinking something terrible is wrong! Then, afterward he whimpers for a long times like he is trying to tell on someone for not doing right. When all along they were doing everything right.

Roman starts a new preschool year this Thursday. He will be going one day a week again this year. We do a couple of days of school at home during he week and everytime I try to teach him something he ends up telling me how to do it. He must pick up things very quickly. I sat down to teach him rectangle the other day and instead he showed my ALL 6 shapes on the page, then continued to draw an i. None of those things I had taught him except 3 of the shapes.

Roman told us a few days ago that he had 3 favorite places. They are Cracker Barrel, Target, and Chuck e cheese. He thinks Cracker Barrel is what we mean when we say we are going to stop somewhere quick and pick something up. No McDonalds - just Cracker Barrel:)

Roman went 5 solid months without sucking his thumb, then had a relapse. For some unknown reason, started again. Last weeks he has his second dentist appointment. He did awesome except says that he NEVER wants bubble gum toothpaste again. Then sold me a medication to paint on his thumb nail that taste bitter and will cause him to not be able to such his thumb. So, when we got home I sat him down and we had a talk about the medicine and what it does. He has not sucked his thumb one time since! He told me that we can take it back to the dentist because he doesn't need it.

It is so wonderful having two boys. They already love each other so much and are already playing together. Jude get so excited and starts swinging his legs and arms when he sees Roman driving his four wheeler or playing with his monster truck! I can tell they are going to be best friends and that is priceless.

I love these boys and I love our family.