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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jude 8/9 months

Jude is on the verge of independence. He is crawling on his elbows. He is pulling up to stand. He is sitting up all by himself from laying down. He really talks a lot when someone is listening. Most of his time is spent watching his brother. Roman is loud enough for both of them. But, when you listen, he talks. And he really has a lot to say! His words are really well directed. His vocabulary is increasing. Today he said "bath" as we sat next to the tub waiting for it to fill up. He says "Hi." It is amazing to be a part of this process and especially to compare how my boys develop. You always think your first child is the most intelligent of course. Then, the second one comes along and your realize how every child is more developed in different ways. It is all about that God given personality. He really tries to imitate what we say. It is pretty funny. When we say "Thank you" or "Love you" he will repeat us with very similar sounding words. Roman was so ahead of the game in so many ways. Jude is right on schedule on some of those things like crawling. But, he is quicker at different types of things like talking. They are so different yet similar.

My boys weigh EXACTLY the same at 9 months. Isn't that strange? Roman was only 3/4th of an inch longer. So they are very close to the same size. This is odd to me because it seems like Roman was so much smaller. Jude is clapping and playing peekaboo. His favorite thing right now is music or singing. He starts swaying back and forth the moment he hears a tune. He is eating just about everything and I haven't found a thing he doesn't like yet. But, let me just tell you he is such a big eater. He is never full! He got both of his bottom incisor teeth this month. He loves blowing his lips together and making funny sounds!

He is such a sweet baby. When he stares into your eyes there is no one else in the room but you and him. He loves his blue blanket with silk on the edges. When he gets sleepy he wants it with his paci. He holds the edges and rubs his little fingers back and forth across the silk.

Roman is imaginative and expressive. He is in fact so intelligent that he has decided that Santa is not real! He told me that Santa is only in books and on TV. I cannot convince him otherwise. He even thanked me for buying the presents that are suppose to be from Santa this year. Seriously. He is 3!!! He has to believe in Santa!

God at Barnes and Noble

Valiant Girls.
I love them from the depths of my heart. They are inspiring, encouraging, and passionate. And I love even more that God finds us at Barnes and Noble. He hears His name spoken and He is there. My hope is that the love of Jesus Christ will be transplanted into each of their lives.

So, there is a guy. Let me just say that these girls are crazy over him. There we were a few weeks ago, crowded around a table and he listened from across the room. He sort of became a running joke among us. (If you saw him you would understand) We laughed because of our conversation. It is a very open area. If you can imagine a group of 11 or 12 teen-age girls talking in a book store. It is quite loud. People listen and we are not ashamed.

There we were last night, just assuming our typical positions around our table. I actually made the comment “Okay, let’s just see what crazy thing is going to happen tonight.” Then, Arianna says “Oh no, he’s back.” Let me just add here that I highly doubt any of the girls were actually thinking “Oh no.” He walked past us. I said as I threw my study notes in the air “Girls we have to keep it together. He will be back so we have to NOT be so obvious.” We were way past obvious but I was desperately trying. Within five minutes, he was back across the room writing and listening as I struggled to keep our conversation going.

We discussed relationships and boundaries. The girls had a lot of opinions on this topic. I secretly prayed and wondered if there was a way at all I could change or influence their thoughts on this matter. I was struggling.

At the end of the night, when there were only a few girls left, he walked over to our table and handed me this note.

“Share this with your girls. I pray my encouragement blesses you all as yours has blessed me.
– The tall guy with long, blond hair and the skinny jeans”

The note was quickly pulled from my hands and read aloud.

“When I look across the floor and see you girls. I see Christianity as God intended it to be. Public, unashamed, accountable, transparent. When your sweet, God-given voices reach my ears, I hear the voice of Jesus whispering into my own, “One day, my son, you will have a woman such as these.” Honestly, I am a young Christian man. I am eighteen years old. I have known Christ for fourteen of those years and I have struggled with addiction for eight. From the standpoint of a man after God’s heart, you young ladies are the catalyst to life-change. I pray. I worship. I read the good book. But none of these are as powerful as the testimony I hear from you ladies. Godly women are the reason lost and struggling men run into God’s arms when they experience the hurt I have been scarred by. I pray God sends me a woman like one of you. You are all beautiful in God’s eyes and in mine. Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently, even yourselves. Protect your hearts, your minds, and most of all, your bodies. If a man truly loves you, he will go after your hearts, not your purity. God bless you all.”

There is no one like my God. He is the Truth. He is working and making a way at all times. When I don’t know what to say, obviously He makes a way to get the point across.