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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jude 10/11 months

Where does time go? Really. It is frightening. Yesterday was groundhog’s day - my late Grandpa Peech’s birthday. I feel like a groundhog. Since Christmas things have seemed like a blur. You think the busyness of Christmas would have been the blur but it’s now. I’m not sure why. I’m ready to pop my head out from underground and get out of this spot. Jude had RSV, David’s dad had unexpected open heart surgery, and we have been trying to make some pretty important decisions. We have known for a while that David was going to start a graduate program at a seminary. We have been trying to decide when and where. And then I have had some personal things looming over my head. Just tasks that I needed to complete. They keep building up and I didn’t seem to be accomplishing anything. I am also in the process of working out the details of a small business I want to start this spring. I hope it happens. Right now it is all up to me. Can I do this while taking care of my family, working in ministry, and supporting David through school?

So, it is February. I feel encouraged. Valentines Day and Easter just around the corner means spring is on the way. I like seeing all those seed packets on the shelves. It makes me excited about planting and growing this year!

Jude is just finishing up his 10th month. I cannot believe it! His birthday is just around the corner. My baby will soon be a toddler. He has really started to understand what I am saying. He is starting to follow commands and respond to what I am saying in new ways. He finally has started spending a little time playing on his own or with his brother. I was watching him today playing in the floor. It is so strange. I use to sit and watch Roman play all by him. He would go through all his toys to figure them out and experiment with each one. Jude sits and stares at Roman. Everything Roman touches Jude’s eyes are drawn to. Jude can’t play with one toy long because he immediately wants what Roman has. And Roman goes from one toy to the next so quickly that it rarely allows Jude time to play with anything. His days are basically spent watching, following, and grabbing. Thursdays when Roman is in school, our time together is a little different. He will actually spend a moment discovering and playing with his toys. One thing that is so sweet about him is that he will find one thing he likes and carry it around for hours. He has to take it everywhere with him. So, while he is chasing Roman, he might have something in his hand he is holding on to just in case he has a moment to play with it!

Still can’t figure out if he is going to be left or right handed. With Ro, I already new at this point. This makes me wonder if he is going to be left handed. Right now, he uses both equally. Jude is definately starting to like spending more time with David. He is reaching for Daddy more and getting excited when he sees him. But, when I leave, he wonders around the house whining and will sometimes sit next to the back door. This week, David caught him in the back of the house away from everyone else sitting in the dark. When I got home that night I told David that where he was sitting was where I was earlier that day when he wanted me to hold him and I couldn’t. He went back to look for me there. Jude got 5 teeth this month making a grand total of 7! He is so close to walking. I think it will be this month for sure! I love this boy!

Roman is enjoying playing with his brother of course but is getting frustrated. He is basically being followed all day long. This keeps him company most of the time but he gets mad when Jude destroys EVERYTHING he builds. - 0r knocks his batcave over And the poor guy gets in trouble so much for being too rough with Jude. But Jude is always at his feet!

Roman went to the Ringling Bros Circus this month! He had the best time ever. At the pre-show he got called out by a clown to go in the ring and assist with a trick. He was so brave! I couldn’t believe he went out there in front of all those people. This little cute dog ran back and forth under Roman’s legs. Aunt Tracy and Shawn went with us. Roman was in awe the whole time.

We have been having school at home since Christmas. Roman is brilliant. I barely have to teach him and when I do He has it after one time. I went and bought kindergarten material this week. Roman has already done almost all the language arts material! I guess I will go to the 1st grade material soon. The other subject is math. He has completed at least ½ of it. I had no idea until I got it home to see what all kindergarten covered. He has over a year before he is even suppose to start Kindergarten! Roman is just so big. When I pick him up his legs hand down past my knees already. I can’t believe time passes so quickly!

So February is going to be a little more encouraging for me than January. It wasn’t a bad month but every now and then you just get stuck in a rut. And I did this month. It is not always preventable. When there is illness in the family it makes everything more complicated. But God has brought us all safely through this time and hopefully we are on the other side of it all. I can only put my trust in Him and not carry the heaviness of life on my own.