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Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Love of Family

I'm am filled with LOVE as I think about this weekend. We celebrated Roman's 4th birthday! Friday night David's parents, sister and three children came to stay two nights with us. All the kids piled on a matrice in the living room and watched a movie together before bed. Even though they hadn't been together for a while, it was like they hadn't missed a moment. Everyone crashed on different beds and matrices on floors all over the house! Saturday morning we woke up early and had a big breakfast around the harvest table. At lunch we threw a Batman party! All five of the cousins played in the water sprinklers and ate Batman blue cups while sporting their Mommy-made felt superhero capes. My mom, Daniel, Dad and Sandy joined us for the party.

Roman loved having all of his family in one place. He knows those are the people who love him the most. There is nothing in the world like Gran Gran or Pabba or any one of them picking him up and squeezing him:) The love shown to my children from each family member this weekend makes me feel deep gratitude. Roman said "All my family is here." He didn't have to have any presents. He was just happy having everyone he cares about the most in one place at one time. I think Roman really appreciates time with his family since we live away from them. We grilled out and had a great time!

Saturday evening we went to Centennial Park and enjoyed the Big Band Dance! It was so much fun being silly with all the kids and watching them dance crazy to the music. We enjoyed snow cones and all the other sites found in the park. Before leaving town that night enjoyed the view of downtown from the capital building. The fountains were beautiful in the moonlight and the breeze was refreshing after the hot day! I was so thrilled to see how Roman and Jude interacted with their cousins. There is nothing like the love and friendship found in family. I grew up spending day after day with my cousins and it is important to me for my children to have that same opportunity. I also got to spend some good quality time with my niece and nephews. Jackson taught me to play his Nintendo DS, Emerson was my dance partner, and sweet Victoria is the sweetest most dainty little girl I have every known!

So Thank You to all the family that came out to Roman's 4th birthday party and spent the weekend with us! Everyone chipped in and helped with everything and my children felt so much love! That is the most important thing in the world to me. To know that each of you love my children and go out of your way to spend time loving on them makes me so grateful for each of you!

To me this weekend had been a picture from God. He had done so much for us already yet he continues to do more. I am thankful that He watches over my family and allows us to continually have each other to Love. May I always put aside selfishness and remember that Jesus is the author and finisher of everything. May my fears and disappointments melt away as I place my hope and trust in Him.

Roman Huff you are the smartest most creative and inspiring 4 year old I have ever known! Mommy is so proud of you!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Treasure.

My family is getting sweeter. It makes me so happy to see how close the boys are getting as they get older. I watch them hit, push, and pull on each other and it makes me happy. It is pretty much a wrestling match all day long. I was never around boys growing up. It was just me and my sister. I was NOT prepared for this:)They are so rough! The fighting and yelling at each other - Oh my! Everyone says it is normal though. I'm taking their words for it! But they sit so close to each other that their legs are all mingled and they don't even realize it. They naturally lean on each other when they stop to watch something on TV. They are pretty much side by side all day long..... They have a very special brotherly bond. You dream and plan your family and this is the way you would want it - Two boys who can't be separated - Who look out for each other. When Roman sees something great he must tell Jude to come and see! They mimic each other. I always thought it would just be Jude following his big brother. But, Roman watches Jude and learns from him too. This is a surprise. Jude plays with a toy a certain way and Roman says "oh cool, how did you do that Jude?" Roman respects his little bubby. He sees him as another kid just like him - not a baby.

Last weekend we spent 3 nights with family in KY. We went to Holiday World. Jude road all the rides with his brother at his side. They were so sweet together! We also went to a huge drive-in. Saw Shrek 3. It was a great weekend spent relaxing and family!!!

Jude is 15 MONTHS OLD! I soak in every moment with him. He is a perfect baby. He is quiet, calm, and pleasant. He tells me when he wants to go to bed by going to get his paci and blanket then pointing to his bed! I promise Roman has never known he was sleepy once in his lifetime:) Then, Jude simply wants me to hold him just for a second then lay him in his bed so he can fall asleep on his own. He likes routine. He loves sleeping and napping. He has to have a lot of those two things and he is happy! We were out of town for Memorial Day last weekend and he didn't sleep the whole weekend because he was away his room and his bed. Jude doesnt care what anyone thinks. He knows what he wants and does it. He shows off every so often when he knows he is making someone laugh but not the entertainer like Roman. He has a plan for everything. If you take him off course then a red headed temper comes out from the sweet mild mannered child that will completely take you by surprise. He throws himself in the floor and refuses to do ANYTHING until it is done his way. Just this week he refused to take his milk cup for me. He wanted me to set it down so he could pick it up on his own. He is just so sweet ALL the rest of the time that you want to give him what he wants! He started pottying on command at 13 months. Stand him in front of the potty any time and he will make potty! Then a couple of weeks ago he started coming to me lifting up his shirt, pointing at his diaper, and saying poo poo. To my surprise he knew exactly what he was talking about.... right every time!!! So, he is on his way to being potty trained! He talks a lot! Every day it is a new word. Starting shaking his head yes or no to respond to a question. He loves familiarity. It takes a while for anyone to earn his favor. He has his select few people he goes to. Very picky this boy. But OH SO SWEET and cuddly. He is very loving, especially towards his mommy. Love it!

Roman is about to turn 4 YEARS OLD! I am so proud of all of his accomplishments but I still feel sad at times to see how independent he has become. He is my little twin. Pull out any pictures of me this age and we are the same from head to toe! This is only fair since Jude is David's mini me. He is very athletic. He can figure anything out. A bit impatient though. Must know everything RIGHT NOW!!! If he can't do it the first time someone must show him right then because there is no time to waist trying to figure something out! He craves approval and recognition. He is SO dramatic. Everything is really really wonderful or a horrible tragedy:) His imagination is extreme. He creates scenarios then scares himself by forgetting if they are real or not! Ha! Loves going going going. He CANNOT sit still. He does things out of impulse before ever thinking of the consequences. I think he and his brother may be polar opposites. Maybe this is why they make such a great team! He tells me he is going to love Jesus forever and ever! He wants to be a preacher just like his daddy! He told me last week that someone was being mean at school all day. But, he still was their friend and loved them even though they were mean. He cannot figure out why anyone would ever be hurtful or mean. He wants to teach people to be better. His loving compassionate heart shines when he wants to give someone a second chance to do good. He believes deep down in his heart that Jesus takes care of everything. Roman Eli Crawford Huff has changed me. He challenges me constantly in many ways. My patience is ALWAYS challenged but he also cause me to see Jesus the way he does. He is a leader. And I can tell that someday he will be a very good one. One that loves and accepts without judgment.

Take away my home. Take away all of my processions. If all I have is this family and Jesus I am just fine.