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Monday, March 7, 2011

Valiant 3/7/11

Last session, this group of girls had some sincere questions about sharing their faith. They knew people at school who were atheist and had family members as well that did not believe in Jesus. We worked through scenarios on ways to show love and kindness to these people in our lives. Over the past two weeks, two of these girls had stepped out and accomplished things they never thought they could do! One witnessed at school and the other wrote a beautiful letter to an uncle who doesn't believe.

Tonight, our session started with these stories of braveness. All these girls, once again, crammed around a table, loaded with questions. There sat my prepared discussion on the table in front of me. Not once did I even reference it. The intensity in the eyes of each of these girls was obvious. They sat at the edge of their seats with thoughts, experiences and ideas of their own.

Here was a list of some of the questions tonight. Can you believe in more than one religion at a time? What about the people who have never heard about Jesus? What would you suggest for someone who wants to believe in Jesus but constantly doubts they are saved? What is the rapture? Is it okay to learn about other religions? Do you only have to believe in Jesus or is there something else you have to do to go to Heaven?

These girls are serious. This group is not just about hanging out and drinking coffee. They are absorbing and making the most of this opportunity. They are growing and experimenting with the reality of Jesus Christ. The girls involved in this group will be forever influenced by being a part of it.

They are learning each session how to get close to God. They have professed their belief in Him with their mouths and believe it with their hearts. Now they are learning something new. They are learning of an intimacy with Him that creates a sureness. There is a deeper place. A place with Jesus where we can completely rely on Him. We can let go of all our concerns, fears, and worries. He can be trusted. When we make ourselves vulnerable to Him, He is able to minister over us and heal us. He is able to actually speak to us and guide us. God is spiritual and desiring to connect with each of us. There is much more to Christianity than a confession of faith and going to Heaven. He wants to be in control of our lives right now, while we live on Earth too. These girls are seeing that first hand. They are praying and seeing results from week to week.

My heart is deeply grateful for this opportunity. Each of us have a chance to create a group of influence. You all are surrounded with opportunity to do so. Find your place. Step out and sacrifice some of your time for God. There is nothing more rewarding than this.