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Thursday, December 29, 2011

These are the Moments

There are unforgettable moments. Those that happen whether or not we are looking. They seem to be out of our control.

There are others we choose to see. Those are the moments you look around the room and realize life is surreal. You are pulled back like an out of body experience to see it.

And others happen if we allow them. You wonder off the path to walk through the tall grass and trees to see the stream. It was beautiful before. The air was crisp and the sun setting. But there isn't much more amazing than sitting in a place you've never been before. Leaves crumbling under your feet and water streaming over the rocks. The trees are encompassing, tall and leafless. It's a warm winter day in KY.

These are the kind of moments I sense God. These are the moments I realize my life doesn't go on because I am making it go. It's not my successes or failures. It's Him causing my heart to beat inside my chest. He is the creator and the one who sustains. I can find rest in Him. In the quiet, in the stillness, in the unknown, He found me. I pause and allow Him to make Himself known. My life is much richer this way.

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